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    No human could stroll on drinking water it was one thing only God could do (Ps77:16–19). As the Son of God, Jesus experienced supernatural powers no human does. Because he’s the divine Son of God, Jesus is to be worshiped. When he requested, “Who do you say I am?” Jesus was not just inquiring for a appropriate reply that comes from intellectual information he was inquiring for a individual confession. Anybody can occur to know the proper, Biblical look at of Jesus with their minds. But to confess him as the Messiah, the Son of the residing God, we have to encounter Jesus in a individual way. A great instance is the Samaritan woman in John 4. She skilled Jesus as the a single who knew everything about her, the 1 who, in the finish, was her accurate husband. Matthew the tax collector knowledgeable Jesus as his spiritual healer and real pal, “God with us.” The phrase “Messiah” summarizes so many truths about who Jesus is. So Isaiah nine:6 describes the Messiah as “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Jesus the Messiah is the only 1 who not only understands us greatest, but also fulfills our deepest requirements. To the troubled, he’s a Wonderful Counselor. To the fearful, he’s Mighty God. To the insecure, he’s Everlasting Father. To the nervous, he’s Prince of Peace. And it is only the most general description of how Jesus can aid every single personal person, with his or her personal special internal struggles. To have a individual confession of faith in him, we want to open ourselves up to him and enable him minister to our souls. To confess him as my Messiah implies he’s my King and Lord, my real hope, and almost everything to me. This personalized confession of faith grew to become the foundation of Peter’s religious daily life. Of course, he would shortly fail, denying him a few times when Jesus was on demo. But it was a confession Peter could constantly come back to, and it would remind him of the unfailing grace and love of Jesus in his existence. In the identical way, producing a private confession of religion in Jesus isn’t just something we do at the starting of our Christian life it’s a confession we need to renew from our hearts each and every working day. It is a confession of faith, but far more than that, it is a confession of love (Jn21:fifteen Eph6:24). To confess Jesus as my Messiah, we have to repent of any idols or fake hopes that creep into our hearts.II. Jesus’ guarantees (17–20)How did Jesus answer to Peter’s confession? Go through verse seventeen. Jesus blesses him for generating this personalized confession of religion in him. He also claims Peter could have this encounter of Jesus only through God’s revelation (cf. eleven:25–27 1Co12:3). Only God operating in our hearts by means of the Holy Spirit can assist us make a authentic confession of faith in Jesus. We all require to be praying for ourselves, as properly as for other individuals, to have the spirit of knowledge and revelation so that we can know Jesus far better (Eph1:seventeen).

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