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Why Not Eat Insects?

Why Not Eat Insects?

We recently had the opportunity to try out some insects at The Black Ant in NYC a few weeks ago, and will be publishing a review very soon. We previously wrote about eating insects, and thought it would be a great follow up (as well as an interesting experience) to try some bugs out. Leading up to the review, you might be interested in watching a few short videos.

The first video is short (about 5 minutes) and offers some insight into the history of entomophagy, how it fell out of favor in western nations, and how many countries still indulge in the practice.

The second video is a Ted Talk by Marcel Dicke. In the video he makes an interesting case for adding insects to your diet and points out insects compare to other forms of protein in terms of flavor, nutrition, and sustainability. We don’t agree with all of his points, however, it’s difficult to argue that bugs shouldn’t be an integral part of our food system. The talk is about 20 minutes.

Enjoy, and as always, please comment and share!